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social connections form the whole
Leave it to Texas.
Given the opportunity, Texas will always surprise you. Not often in a nice sense, or the sort of sense which we would even remotely desire. Take this, for instance. Once again, we see two primary themes which I tend to harp upon in this journal:
  1. The security fad which, in reality, does naught for us.
  2. The idea of justice, by which one who has served his or her time may redeem themselves.
With regards to the first, as the article mentions, most sex crimes are perpetrated by an aquaintence or relative of the victim- not by a random stranger. No doubt, the latter does occur, but not with anywhere near the frequency required to justify this kind of arrangement. Furthermore, who is to say that these random strangers are already registered? What if this is their first infringement?
Also, consider the broadness of "sex offender." The term is not so straightforward as it may appear. Under some definitions, walking around one's own house in the nude is enough to be branded with this devastating label. Regardless of one's positions, it is obvious that this is certianally not in the same category of acts such as rape, pedophilia or the like. Rather, its morality is highly debatable. By my upbringing, there is no moral issue with such a thing, but I recognize that some people do not agree. (This explains why I don't walk around their houses in the nude!)
Consider as well, the proven "sex offender" (in quotes since we have not agreed on a definition- let's just pretend we have, and that this guy/gal did something really bad... the whole "dead girl or live boy" syndrome). S/he ostensibly served his/her time to society, as it were, and has been released. Rather than treat them as actual citizens, we treat them as second rate, regardless of any progress they have made. Is their act unforgivable? Probably. Does that mean we should forever seperate them? No... forgiving and advancing are different things. Even then, what about forgiving the unforgivable? For the Christians in the audiance, is this not a central tenent of the teachings of Jesus?
In light of these factors, I must admit with much chagrin that once again, Texas has blindsided me.

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