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Neoconservatives, meet pseudolibertarians.
What defines a neoconservative? Largely a seperation from the conservative ideals of, oh, say, conserving tradition, and a focus on fundamentalist "resotration," or "morality." But we cannot expect that the conservative movement is the only movement to suffer such a betrayal, or such an incursion. Contrary to this expectation, however, I do not tend to observe the fundamentalist incursion into many other American political movements. That is, at least, until now. As of late, the likes of Lew Rockwell and Gary North, who seem to be in the habit of attempting to co-opt the libertarian movement for Christian Reconstruction ends. By Christian Reconstruction, I mean the building of a "Christian" nation a la Marget Atwood's Handmaid's Tale (no referral- I don't get money from that link). If this seems scary, well, it is. Especially when you consider the methods that Gary North applies towards his ends. It is surely no accident that the writings of Rockwell and North are both littered with traditionally libertarian quotes such as "taxpayer funded compulsory education," or traditionally libertarian stances such as "anti-state, pro-market." To call them libertarians, however, would be a travesty, as it would elevate them and their "causes" to the level of legitimacy, and as it would tarnish the idea of libertarianism. These sick individuals are not at all libertarians- they sell libertarianism to you in exchange for cooperation in the creation of a Christian state the Draconian likes of which have not been seen since the Dark Ages. Don't be fooled by their promises of liberty. Freedom is their enemy, as that would imply that there is something outside of the 613 Laws of Moses. At any rate, the discovery of this pseudolibertarian (call it plib for short) movement is worrysome in that it may reveal a deeper and broader trend of fundamentalist incursions into every walk of life. Under assult from fundamentalists, will liberalism, environmentalism or any other movement survive? I strongly desire that this be only the paranoid ranting of yet another ignorant blogger, but I cannot help but worry about the spread of fundamentalism. When both sides of a debate are fundamentalist, what meaning has debate, logic, or rational thought?

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