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What meaning, honesty? - cgranade::social — LiveJournal
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What meaning, honesty?
There exists a chasm in the right wing between classical conservatives and neoconservatives; this division is painfully obvious to even the most casual observer of politics, even if the labels are not universally known. At any rate, the latter group seems to be obsessed with morality above all else, and thus are not associated (on the face of it) with an end-justifies-the-means approach. In viewing actual actions, however, one reaches an alternate conclusion: most neocons are willing to do just about anything to get into power, or to stay in power once there. This is evidenced by such things as the Downing Street Memo, as well as the USCCR report on the 2000 election. Both of these offer verifiable evidence of neocons committing apparent falsehood, which runs counter to the stated ideals of honesty and integrity. Is this a contradiction? Well, we must ask what meaning is there to honesty in the face of a malleable truth. Witness the changing stories as to the rationale for invading Iraq- these rationales are not constant with respect to time. On the other hand, the war was always about bringing to democracy. It was never about WMDs. Obviously, the recorded truth itself is being changed a la 1984. Therefore, what meaning honesty? Allegiance to the current party reality?

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