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Second Life Client for Linux Considered Helpful. - cgranade::social — LiveJournal
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Second Life Client for Linux Considered Helpful.
As masstreble points out, Linux succeeds on the back of creative and inventive users (I would like to point out that not all users are such- look at me, for example), and that such users would invariably add to the Second Life community. Furthermore, more people means a higher likelyhood that a potential user already knows at least one SL resident already, and may thus be persuaded to join. Users who join having already known someone are likely to be socially active under the guidance of their SL seniors, thus strengthening and enriching the community. Look at LJ, and see what allowing all users in can do! Admitetly, making a MMOG cross-platform is more technically challenging than a web app using open standards, but the implications are the same: by allowing variety and diversity, the creative pool grows, creating a better service for all involved.

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masstreble From: masstreble Date: May 11th, 2005 08:24 am (UTC) (Link)

Buncha jabber about SecondLife.

You want to know a big secret about Second Life?

It's not a MMOG. I know that sounds a little strange, but it's actually something we don't have a word for. It directly mirrors the Internet (buying Space for Things, making Things... see the parallels?) in much of its functionality. Furthermore, also notice how comparitively small the client is? All that's downloaded is the graphics/GUI structure and protocols; only a few basic textures, scripts, and textures are preloaded. Everything else is streaming; the users make practically everything.

So, put simply, we don't even have a word for what Second Life is. I have a few unhelpful ones; dangerously addictive, fun as all heck, and potentially life-absorbing are among those.

Oooh: more SL trivia! Did you know that every avatar's mbasic body is governed by the same principles as prims? (Talking about transformitive properties here). Also, they are all "Children of Ruth". Ruth was one of the original pre-testers/designers for the original software, and they ended up with a scan of her body, which all SL bodies are merely an addaptation of. Want to see your SL "mother"? Take everything off, make all the default body stuff, and put it all on. That woman is Ruth! (Attractive, isn't she? We should all be beautifal children.)
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