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Security fad costing us our security. - cgranade::social — LiveJournal
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Security fad costing us our security.
According to this NYT article (no reg required), DHS now admits that many of their security measures were not much more than empty deterrents installed after the security craze following 9/11. What this article glosses over entirely, however, is the point made by those more versed in security than I that we excel at preventing yesterday's attacks. Furthermore, since terrorism, by definition, focuses on where people gather in order to make a large impact, by installing machines with substandard effiency, we have created another gathering place for people in a hurry- distracted people. That is directly outside the security checkpoints. Just like how strengthening a car can make it more dangerous, or how increasing the reliability of transmission lines makes the failures more severe, by increasing security, we have undermined security. As for why haven't the terrorists struck again, consider their supposed goals: to instill terror. At that they have succeeded so wonderfully that another attack would only undermine their goals by serving to inure us to violence. On the other hand, our responses have angered so many, enemies of the current administration now have no trouble finding new recruits to prepare another wave of violence.
The universe is a subtle place, and our lack of subtlety may well be our undoing. The simple-minded obsession with continuing the arms-race over security is ineffective, overly costly, destructive, and dangerous. If we continue this foolish course of action, we will find ourselves without freedom, security, and perhaps without life. In short, wake the fuck up, people.

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van_wolf From: van_wolf Date: May 11th, 2005 09:43 am (UTC) (Link)
Some of us woke up a long time ago, then we got bitter and became apathetic because no one else seemed to care and we couldn't make any difference.
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