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No wonder. - cgranade::social — LiveJournal
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No wonder.
Browsing the web, I saw this article reporting about a Phoenix man who died from a taser shock, and the political aftermath of the incident. The article refers to a similar incident that happened in Ohio this Febuary. In the Ohio case, a man died after having been tasered nine times in a row. My response? No shit, sherlock! Tasers aren't as dangerous as many weapons, but nine times will kill most people pretty easily! The whole idea is a short spike that disables the target. Delivering so many dosages is likely to do much more than stun the target. Yet, who gets the blame? The taser manufacturers. Of course, I don't simply side with business because they're business. In fact, I don't really side with the manufacuturer in this case at all. I simply don't like to see this kind of passing of the buck. If they had shocked the victim once before he died, then the taser is probably defective and unsafe. On the other hand, how can the manufacturer be responsible for the blatant abuse of their product?

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