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On "Christian" Gaming. - cgranade::social — LiveJournal
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On "Christian" Gaming.
Fellow consumers of the wonder that is BoingBoing may have noticed a post about an NYT article on Christian Gaming. I myself went through and read the article, and read a small amount about one particular example of the "movement," the "Christian" FPS entitled Spiritual War. Astute readers may have noted the heavy use of quotation marks to surround the word Christian when referencing gaming. This is because the movement is, despite what anyone may claim, economic in nature. As the power concentrated in the hands of fundamentalists grows, so do the markets which sell "Christianity" prepackaged and ready to buy for only $19.95. Certianally, those who design such "games" may convince themselves of higher motives, and may have even hold such higher motives. The problem is, that almost by definition, the movement will not succeed without an economic basis, causing the movement to become economic in nature.

As for these "higher motives," what implications do they have for the quality of games? Again, almost by definition, this means a serious reduction in quality, or variety at the very least. By restricting themselves to a narrow view of a religion as the sole source of inspiration for games, we can expect to see a seriously deteriorated standard for plotlines, character development, etc. For instance, the article mentioned the adversity of Christian studios to "moral relativism," embodied most strongly in RPGs. In other words, not only do such developers not engage in introspection, but they also actively shy away from it, and decry it. Only by taking a few steps in the shoes of the "villian" can we understand what the right so freely calls "evil."

Obviously, if there are consumers who strongly desire such gimped products, then by all means develop them- I do not advocating censorship. To do so would be nothing more or less than a complete betrayal of my stance on such issues. No, what scares me is that we live in such a day and age that we desire less functional products, less probing entertainment, less stimulating discourse, less robust drama, etc. I suppose that it does amaze me how close we are to the world of The Handmaid's Tale. Hopefully in time we can cure ourselves of the disease that is fundamentalism, milantism, and purism. Not, mind you, that I advocate the abolishment or discarding of religion. Rather, the most destructive and obnoxious expressions thereof are things I would not miss. When it comes right down to it, such a movement does not infringe upon my freedoms or rights in any way, nor does it at all impoverish me. Therefore, the sole point of this rant is to share what I see as a rather sad reflection on the state of culture. To the extent that it does not affect me, I am mostly apathetic. I have a certian weakness, however, for responding to things such as this which really do not concern me... oh, well.

PS: Sorry for a lack of links... I am feeling kinda lazy right now.

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masstreble From: masstreble Date: May 5th, 2005 07:07 pm (UTC) (Link)


A google search on Christian Gaming produces some interesting results.
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